04 October 2009

Terrific Twos

This is a tad belated but my little man turned 2 about a month ago and I thought I would post some pictures. I'll use any excuse to bake cute things and a childs (especially your own) birthday is pretty much the best one you can get.

First up I made him some little cakes for his party at childcare. I was so glad I managed to get out of work early so I could join in. They are based on the same idea as the last post. That is, baked in little ice-cream cones. However, these are just a basic vegan chocolate cake with vanilla icing. One of the kids is allergic to gluten so I made a gluten free batch of vanilla cupcakes which I sadly couldn't put into ice-cream cones because they are made of wheat.

I made the icing nice and green to look like grass, sprinkled on som
e flower shaped sprinkles and placed a little toy dinosaur on top of each of them which caused all the kids to roar at each other. It pretty much made my year. So freakin' adorable!

Unfortunately I didn't think to take a photo of these before I took them in and there aren't really any good ones of them that don't include the other children. I feel a little weird putting photos of people I don't really know on the net without permission so I've just used the best ones I could find that only have my little man in them.

Then of course there was the birthday party and having a kid obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba could mean only one thing. Brobee cake!

This was just a basic vegan chocolate cake with vanilla icing except I used vanilla bean paste in the icing which of course made it about a million times tastier than the cupcakes. I baked two layers so it has icing sandwiching them together in the middle too. To say the very least it was a total sugar overload for the adults let alone the children but hey, it's a party!

Even though it was far from p
erfect I couldn't have been happier with how it (eventually) turned out. Decorating it drove me totally insane as the grass (in this case fur) tip of my piping set kept blocking up and yes, words were said. Words that should never be used when baking treats full of birthday love.

Of course being a total idiot and never learning from mistakes I didn't take a photo of this either but there was thankfully at least one shot (no thanks to me though, my photo-aholic
boyfriend can take credit for that) where you can see it well enough to get the idea.

Also, a big thanks to Joel for buying him the drumkit which he of course loves. Peaceful households are so over-rated anyway and I'm sure that nervous tick I've developed will go away eventually.

**On a side-note the vegan potato salad I made for this BBQ was amazing if I do say so myself so I'll be sure to post the recipe for that soon.

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